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Meet the leadership behind EDM Enterprises

Founded in 2015, EDM Enterprises is a proud Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) with a mission to give back to our community while upholding the values and integrity learned from serving our nation. Our founder's military background not only inspires our ethos but also the quality and dedication that we bring to every service we offer.


Chief Executive Officer

Eric McCraney Jr., our Chief Executive Officer and co-founder, stands at the helm of EDM Enterprises. A US Navy Veteran with over 15 years of notable expertise, Eric has adeptly managed multimillion-dollar projects across construction and environmental sectors for both government and private entities. His adept client relationship skills pair seamlessly with his exceptional business management experience.

Since EDM's inception in 2015, under Eric's watch, we've become a premier SDVOSB firm, specializing in Medical Waste Management for the Department of Veterans Affairs in Southern CA. With his guidance, we've expanded our offerings to include Operations & Maintenance (O&M) and Integrated Risk Management & Safety Services, crafting holistic solutions for our clientele.

Eric's forward-thinking leadership is foundational to EDM's rise in the industry. Driven by a clear mission, our emphasis has remained on providing unparalleled Operations & Maintenance (O&M) and Medical Waste Management Services. Our growth reflects a mix of tenacity, expertise, and strong partnerships. Central to our evolution is Eric's unwavering focus on excellence, client-centricity, and strategic vision. He represents more than just EDM's operational heartbeat; his dedication to fostering lasting client ties and emphasizing safety showcases his comprehensive leadership style.



Chief Operating Officer

Byron Small, our esteemed Chief Operating Officer, has been instrumental in EDM Enterprises' growth, bringing over a decade of industry leadership. He's overseen Health & Safety for major capital projects, totaling over $12 billion. Byron fervently advocates for Positive Mental Health using a progressive safety perspective, risk management strategies and forward-thinking business methods. He champions a holistic approach to the workplace environment that surpasses mere compliance.

Under his direction, EDM has expanded from Medical Waste Management to a broader spectrum including Operations & Maintenance (O&M) and Integrated Risk Management & Safety Services. His strategic insights have secured multiple government contracts, reflecting EDM's trustworthiness. His leadership roles, such as Past President of the American Society of Safety Professionals (Los Angeles Chapter), highlight his industry influence. Additionally, his co-authorship of “The Freedom Writers Diary” underscores his diverse contributions.

At our core, Byron's unwavering dedication drives our pursuit of industry excellence and continuous growth.


As a foremost Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business, we infuse the lessons garnered from military service into the professional solutions we offer daily.

When you partner with EDM Enterprises, you're not just collaborating with a service provider; you're aligning with a team that brings precision, commitment, and honor to the world of professional services.



Upholding honesty and ethical standards in every facet of our operations.


Consistently delivering top-tier quality across all our services.


Embracing change and innovation to better serve our clients and community.

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